What is the Dashboard on Fitocracy?

Use the Dashboard to control your Fitocracy persona and the kind of content you see. Edit your personal details, privacy, and your notifications.

Account Settings


Account Settings gives you access to your email, username, profile picture, about you, age, weight, height, and gender. It will also allow you to connect your other networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You can use those to find existing friends on those networks, or share your workouts. The more information you fill in, the better Group and Friend recommendations Fitocracy can make. Complete them all to mark your profile as 100% complete. If you decide you no longer want your Fitocracy account, send an email here and we’ll put your account in the queue to be deleted within 30 days.

Privacy & Security


Under Account Settings you’ll also find Privacy & Security. Change your password and define who can interact with you on Fitocracy. Scroll down to set your viewing preferences for Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content, or to block someone. Make sure to read the Community Guidelines.



Away from your computer but want to know the second someone posts to your profile? Set your email preferences here.

Sign Out


Open the Dashboard. Sign out. That’s it. Please come back soon though!