What are Points and Levels on Fitocracy?

Points are awesome and lead to leveling up, bragging rights and improved fitness. Oh, yes. We have a robot. He’s called FRED. He calculates your points and gives you badges.

What do Points Mean?


You earn points for every activity you log on Fitocracy. Some actions are worth more than others depending on how difficult they are and their return on your fitness. As you earn points, you’ll see your progress bar fill up. As we mentioned above, using the Advanced inputs for activities often leads to even more points.

What are Levels?


Levels are a way to see how far you’ve come with your personal fitness. Getting to the next Level means that you’ve made progress. Nice work! The stats bar in the lower left shows you how many points you need before you Level Up.

Leaders of the pack


How do you compare to your friends? How about everyone on Fitocracy? Just this week, or for the last 90 days. We also have a spotlight that highlights extraordinary members.