Browser - Using the Feed

The Feed is a collection of everything you follow on Fitocracy. Your friends, their workouts. Watch what other people are doing, ask them questions. Learn something new. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time when you’re not in the gym.

Your First Post


Like many social networks, only the people following you will see your posts. If you haven’t picked up many followers yet, the best place to ask questions is in a relevant group. If you’re new here and you have a question, use the drop-down menu next to the post button to choose a group like "WTF - Welcome to Fitocracy" or "Beginner Dojo" and ask the community for help. Or, if you have a question about strength training, join the "Starting Strength" group using the Connect Page and ask it there.

Posting Media


Need to get a form check, or want to share a new exercise? You can now post images and video in the feed. When you paste a recognized image (.jpg/.png/.gif) or video link (YouTube/Vimeo) into the status window we’ll give you the options to either remove the preview (keep it as a url), or mark it as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). If you haven’t already done so, make sure you read the Community Guidelines. Lack of common sense, basic human decency, or general abuse of NSFW guidelines will lead to account deletion. Please don’t make FRED sad.

Once posted, you’ll notice that we remove the url and grab part of your status for display next to the image. Hitting ‘View’ opens that post at its original size.

Feed Filters


The feed filters allow you to choose what you want to view. If you want to see what activities your friends have been up to, choose Activities. If you want to see what they are chatting about, hit Your Friends and you’ll see their status updates, items they’ve re-shared from other people, posts to their friends, and posts to public groups; it’s a great way to learn about new groups and pick up tips you might have missed otherwise. Hitting Your Groups shows you all the posts from the groups you belong to. Hitting Everyone is the feed for everyone on Fitocracy. If you’re a seasoned veteran, sometimes it’s fun to randomly scroll through to see if you can encourage anyone by answering questions, or propping a good workout. You? Well, that’s all your stuff.