I'd like to make my own group. How can I do that ?

Groups are a great place for interacting with other users and there is very likely all ready a Fitocracy group for just about any subject you can imagine. But, sometimes, a user will want to make their own for privacy or to compete amongst friends. Setting up a group is easy takes only a couple minutes.

Before you start, please know:
-You cannot create an empty group. At the time the group is made, it will ask you to select among your followers to invite and this step cannot be skipped

-There are three types of groups: competitive, social, and both.

-Groups can be public, which means other users can find them searching by name. It also means pictures and feed chatter is publicly visible. Groups can also be private, which means they will only be visible to other members in the group. The group content will not be publicly visible on profiles pages.

-Site rules still apply to private groups. The rules are posted here Code of Conduct

-You can only create a group from the website.

In the top margin of the page, click the tab marked Connect. On the connect page, there will be a button underneath the feed settings that will save Create a Group


Fill in the basic information for your group. Choose the type of group (competitive, social, or both) and select public or private


The next step will ask you to select other users to invite by username.


Your group has been created and invitations sent. You can find your group on the Connect page under the filter Your Groups.