Browser - How do I track a workout?

Improving your fitness means tracking your activity to see how it changes over time. On Fitocracy, tracking your activity gets you points. Get enough points and you may even level up!

Hit Track to Start


Tracking your workouts is a proven way to improve your fitness, so make sure to Track each of your workouts on Fitocracy. Don’t forget... If you forget to track, you might slip in your Leaders position!

Chose a date to track


Use the Date Picker to select the day you want to track your workout for. Miss a day? No problem. Just turn back the clock by clicking the date and opening the calendar. You can add and edit your workouts at any time.

Logging for a previous day


Once you've opened the calendar, selecting the < arrow will let you go back to a different month. Click the day you missed and then use the Go button to add the details to the tracker.

Finding an Activity


Finding activities to Track on Fitocracy is easy. Just start typing the name of the activity in the search box and we'll find what you're looking for. You can see your recent activities and your routines in their respective tabs. Are we missing an activity? Let us know, and we’ll add it as soon as we can.

Adding Info



Some exercises have Advanced Options. Hover over the right hand corner of the activity box to reveal the additional fields. For example, with chin-ups, you can record assisted, or extra weight. With running, you can add pace, and heart rate. Go you!

Save it


Once you're finished filling out the details of each activity, or changing your current weight, click the End Workout button to save them.

Saving a Duplicating, Editing or Saving a workout out as a Routine


For more options with your work out, click the gear symbol in the lower right hand corner of the tracker.